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Keysplease are specialists in replacement keys and replacement locks for office furniture.


Abus 44mm water-resistant padlock c/w 2 keys
ABUS 53mm water resistant padlock c/w 2 keys
Abus Combination padlock with flexible wire shackle
Abus T84MB 43mm padlock c/w 2 keys
ASEC 40mm padlock with 60mm shackle c/w 2 keys
ASEC 50mm mastered padlock
LP03 ASSA RUKO Security Padlock (suited system)
LP07 30mm 3 wheel combination locker padlock
LP07 40mm 3 wheel combination locker padlock
LP20 20mm padlock
LP20C - 20mm combination padlock
LP25 25mm industrial brass padlock
LP30 30mm industrial brass padlock
LP30 ASSA Security Padlock (30mm) Under Masterkey:
LP40 40mm Industrial Brass Padlocks c/w 2 keys
LP44mm ABUS Weather resistant padlock c/w 2 keys
LP45-AbusAqua padlock
LP50 50mm Industrial Brass Padlocks c/w 2 keys
LP50 Abus 158/50 Combination padlock
LP50HD Union Heavy Duty Industrial Padlock (50mm) c/w 2 keys
LP50-LS 50mm padlock, long shackle, c/w 2 keys
LP50MAX - IFAM Max strength 50mm padlock c/w 2 keys
LP50mm heavy duty long shackle combination padlock
LP50XL 50mm padlock, extra long 82mm shackle padlock c/w 2 keys
LP63mm IFAM E-40ELS longschackle padlock with 2 keys
LP70 Abus Discus 70mm extra strength padlock c/w 2 keys
LP70 Squire 70mm Industrial 4 Lever Steel Padlock
LPC-55mm Asec 4-digit combination padlock
Mastered 40mm padlock with 2 keys
Weatherproof Combination Padlock with storage for 6 keys
Yale Bicycle Combination padlock