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Keysplease are specialists in replacement keys and replacement locks for office furniture.


25mm Chrome / Brass discs
Abloy Kit of saddle, spacer bush and rivet for keys
Abloy set of Head & Dowel for Randall keys
Aerosol Cannisters of ASSA Lock Spray
Anti-twist washers
ASEC Classic Size 3-4 Overhead Door Closer
Assa Coin <=>Token lock conversion kit
ASSA lock return springs
Assa locker lock key blanks (box of 50)
Box of 100 rubber wrist bands
Brass Discs engraved to number
Brass Nuts For Threaded Locker Locks (19mm diameter)
Break Glass key box
Broken Key Extractor (per unit)
Broken Key Extractor Set
Cheekey multi purpose key ring - plastic/glass bottle tops, ring pulls on tins, better grip on keys
Chrome plated metal snapper
Coloured Discs engraved to number, split ring inclusive
Coloured plastic snapper with cable
Crimping Pliers for fitting keys to plastic wrist straps
Extra Rosettes for standard desk locks
Fish Key
Fishtail pins numbered to suit
Fishtail pins, plain
Flat bars (pair) to fit with LC07 lock on 6' cupboards
Fob, Plastic Key Head Cover (Ring or Half Moon)
Grub Screws for Abloy coin lock casing (pack of 100)
Half Moon Key Cover (assorted colours, min 20)
Horseshoe circlips to suit Garran camlocks (16mm grip)
Horseshoe circlips to suit L&F camlocks (14mm grip)
Horseshoe circlips to suit L&F camlocks (14mm grip) x 10
Horseshoe circlips to suit LD03 desk locks (6mm grip)
Ivorine discs to colour and number
Keep - 40mm steel strike plate
Key Board for up to 20 x 100 keys
L+F original key blanks (box of 100)
L+F original key blanks (box of 50)
L+F original key blanks (per unit)
Lever for Union M series locks
Lock Pick Set, 6 Jigglers (Restricted Issue)
Lock Pick Set, Junior - 11 tools (Restricted Issue)
Pack of 20 Rubber wrist bands for swimming pools (various colours)
Retractable Key Holder
Rosette + Strikeplate fixing kit for LD04 Lock
Silca / JMA key blanks per unit (minimum order 10)
Silca substitute key blanks (box of 100)
Silca substitute key blanks (box of 50)
Spacer specially designed for L&F camlocks
Spacer washer for Abloy cylinder (10 pack)
Steel Spring Bolt & Striker
Thermoplastic key wrist straps (pack of 50 including rivets)
Timelox Swipecards
TRACKR Pixel Bluetooth Tracking Device
Yale Rim cylinder cases only, model P77