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Keysplease are specialists in replacement keys and replacement locks for office furniture.

Guide To Ordering Keys

The KEY SERIES tells us the type and manufacture of the key.
The DIFFER NUMBER describes the cut.
Both numbers are needed to cut the correct key.
We need the WHOLE KEY CODE

The correct key for this lock will be 70534

The very large range of keys that we supply, with very few exceptions, are cut individually to customer's requirements. The number that we need to cut the correct key is stamped on the original key and the lockface.

If the manufacturer has not stamped the full numberd on the lockface then:

  • Indicate the shape of the lock face and its finish (is it stain or shiny chrome?).
  • Indicate where the number is stamped in relation to the key hole (e.g. along side).
  • State the make and type of equipment to which the lock is fitted (is it wood or metal?).
  • Whereveer possible provide the manufacturer's name on the key (the same prefix letters can be used by more than one manufacturer).
  • Prefix letters and numbers must be provided when available.
  • If there are no key numbers (or if the lock is broken) we can replace locks to your sample.
  • Information sheets are available on request to help you identifiy your correct requirements.

A typical order may therefore include the following information:

95732 Link 51 metal locker 3
FM174 Eurotek desk (single drawer) 1
342 Metal filing cabinet (no make and no prefix letters or numbers) 4
M70966 Caplan desk pedestal (3 drawers) 4
809 Bisley tambour unit (metal with plastic doors) 7

Some examples of key and lock series.

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