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TimeLox is a new approach to access control

Ammerhurst has introduced the TimeLox family of products to its Access Control range because

  • TimeLox is simple to install and maintain
  • Self installation makes it much more affordable
  • TimeLox provides a high level of security yet it is very flexible in its possible uses.

TimeLox door products replace the traditional mechanical key, cylinder and handle. They are stand-alone and battery powered, which means that no wires or cabling are needed. This prime benefit results in low installation costs and increased flexibility for future expansion.

Timelox products can also be used with most other standard makes of lockcase so there is often no need for any additional holes to be cut into the door. This simplifies installation and means that the installation process does not ruin the door or the surrounding area.


  • Can be used on single doors or large numbers of sets of doors.
  • Can add new units to a system without needing to re-wire the building.
  • Can be used on all standard lockcases with an 8mm handle follower.
  • Can change the access status of a door at any time to adapt to the needs of the users of the building, and provide different levels of security at different times of day.


  • Does not require power or data cabling between doors, or any additional door preparation.
  • Can use standard magstripe cards.
  • Units can be re-used and moved from one door to another.
  • Special power-saving technology means that the unit will operate for 2-3 years on a single, normal battery.


  • Can be used with ASSA high security locks to provide security deadlocking, with the option of a key override.
  • Can be used with smartcards, which can hold large amounts of information about user access patterns.
  • Encrypted user codes and the option of card plus PIN access for additional security.
  • Security log information is available for download.

TimeLox provides secure access control by using the latest technology, which is covered by a number of international patents. The units are operated by inserting a card, with the option of requiring the user to type in a PIN in addition. The simpler Access, Office and Company products use magstripe cards, while the TC system uses the more advanced smartcard.

Magstripe Cards
These are the familiar plastic cards which work on the same principle as a cashpoint card. The user information is encoded on a magnetic stripe on each card.

This new technology offers far greater security and flexibility. Encrypted user information is stored on a small computer chip which is embedded into a plastic card. These cards can hold much more information than magstripe cards.

The Personal Identification Number is a unique number given to each individual user. Requiring them to enter this number on the unit's keypad after using their card adds greatly to the level of security provided.

Please contact us if you require more information regarding any of the following products:

TimeLox Access is a simple one-door access control product for areas where access is to be restricted to authorised card holders only.

TimeLox Office is a flexible one-door access control product for areas where access is to be restricted to authorised card holders or those given a PIN code or where greater security is required at certain times of day.

TimeLox Company is a simple off-line access control system for smaller sites. Its ease of use and battery-operated, wire-free design make it ideal for applications where a cabled system would prove too awkward or costly.

TimeLox TC(tm) is a powerful off-line access control system capable of controlling large sites. It is flexible, and provides a high level of security with its smartcard based technology.

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